FAQs for Consumers

Q: What is the Zika ECN?

A: The Zika Virus Expert Calling Network or "Zika ECN” is a knowledge sharing platform which brings together stakeholders in the US from various disciplines with the aim to educate, combat, contain, and eventually eradicate the Zika virus in the US.

Q: What subject matters will be covered by the ECN?

A: We’ve identified experts in the field of mosquito containment, epidemiologists, vaccine developers, genome mapping researchers, private and public health care professionals, entomologists, and immunologists as some of the initial experts that could participate in the Zika ECN. We will continue to expand this list as needs evolve.

Q: How do I register on this ECN? Does it cost anything?

A: Registration for Consumers is free. Click on the “Register” link on the upper right hand corner of this ECN. Basic registration only requires a valid email address and allows you to view the Directory of Experts. Full registration will allow you to Reserve an Expert's time for a discussion but requires you to provide a valid credit card and other billing credentials.   

Q: Why do you need my telephone number for full registration?

A: Our ECN will bridge a call between you and your requested Expert. You will never have access to the Expert's telephone number and the Expert will never have access to yours.

Q: How do I reserve an Expert's time?

A: On the Expert’s profile, click on the “Request a Call” button and you will be prompted to register and enter information required to reserve that Expert’s time. The Expert has a 5 day "fuse" to initiate a call to you and if the Expert does not intitiate the call before the fuse is up, the call will be cancelled and you will not be charged anything. 

Q: What happens if the Expert that I Request a Call with is not available?

A: If the Expert is not available, he/she may Cancel your call request. (You may also cancel the Call Request before your discussion takes place). We apologize when that happens - some schedules just don't line up - so please consider other Experts from our ECN if you receive a cancellation.   

Q: Can I specify an exact time to receive a call?  

A: After you submit your Call Request, you can message back and forth with the Expert through the system's "QuickText" to pinpoint a specific time to have your discussion.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't agree with the advice I receive?

A: We cannot offer refunds. The advice you receive is customized to you and your questions and so unfortunately, that means that we can't put it back on the shelf for the next customer that comes along. If you have feedback please click on the "Feedback & Support" link below as we work hard to improve our service and so we hope that translates into a positive experience for all knowledege seekers on this ECN.     

Q: Can I get advice about my personal health issue on the Zika ECN?

A: The ECN is designed to benefit a range of stakeholders (consumers, scientists, mosquito containment professionals, health administrators, researchers, policy makers, and many others) so they can access and share information about the Zika virus. For individuals seeking assistance on personal health issues, we encourage you to seek advice from your personal health practitioner and/or local and state health departments.